The Only Fluoroscopy table with multibility

  • Added versatility for patients undergoing procedures requiring supine, prone, lithotomy or lateral decubitus positioning including ...Urology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Spinal Diagnostics and Interventions, Peripheral and Endovascular
  • Both head and foot sections of this multifunctional table are easily removed by sliding the section away from the table.

Warranty, certification, and value added features:

  • 4-year Parts and Labor limited warranty
  • CSA Certificate of Compliance
  • Trade-in and upgrade programs
  • Customer reference list available upon request.

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Multi-Purpose EXLT-U-MP

A Table that can be configured for Urology, Gynecology, Pain Management, and Much More

Easily configure this unique multi-purpose table to accommodate the positioning and fluoroscopic needs of several specialists for less than the price of NEW tables.

Multi-Purpose Flouroscopy Table by Morgan Medesign

STANDARD FEATURES (included with table)

  • Motorized Motions (1 to 4 Motions)
    • Dual lift motor height adjust (nominal 8" of travel, 32" low to 40" high)
    • Lateral roll (nominal 12 - 15 degrees)
    • Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg tilts (nominal 12 - 15 degrees)
    • Extend-retract – head to foot travel (nominal 12") - extend-retract functions regardless of tilt orientation, minimizing the movement of the C-Arm
  • Middle top section
    • 43" L x 20" W
    • 500 pound distributed patient capacity
    • rectangular shaped radiolucent carbon-fiber composite with chamfered radiolucent edge
  • Removable Head Section
    • Radiolucent carbon-fiber composite cantilever
    • 55" L x 22" W
    • 400 pound distributed patient weight capacity (for spinal interventions or other procedures of trunk and upper body)
  • Removable Foot Extension
    • Radiolucent carbon-fiber composite
    • 34" L x 20" W, non articulating
    • 400 pound distributed patient weight capacity [see below]
  • C-Arm Access for AP and limited oblique view of KUB, pelvic and perineal anatomy
  • Deluxe high resiliency, stain resistant, coated foam pad
  • Accessory rails: standard along length of main top section to accept stirrups, rail mounted accessories or "templates" for prostate seeding, etc.
  • Wired hand-held control
  • Electrical Specifications: Max Amps 12.5 – Intermittent, 60HZ – 120 VAC
  • Table Base Dimensions: 29" x 48"
  • Table Dimensions with the Main Section and the Cantilever Section: 29" x 98"
  • Table Dimensions with the Main Section and the Foot Section: 29" x 77"
  • Overall Table Dimensions with BOTH Sections attached: 29" x 132"
  • Overall Table Weight: 1250 lbs


  • SCATTER-BAN™ radiation safety accessory
  • Knee crutches and rail mounting clamps
  • MEDeStealth™ Rail Clamp System – two 6" clamps attach anywhere along the length of cantilevered imagining area; includes two armboards with pads.
  • Hoop style drainage system with (10) sterile disposable drapes
  • Foot control